Using evidence-based practice to promote teacher librarian services.

The world of Mrs. C

Thanks to the increasing influence of technology it is now easier than ever to gather information, and therefore extremely important that teacher librarians [TLs] promote their usefulness to their fellow teachers, their principal and members of their school community [cite]. Not only is the promotion of library services a part of the ‘Standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians’ (Australian Library and Information Association & Australian School Library Association, 2012) to which all excellent TLs should aspire; but it also increases awareness of their abilities, enhancing collaboration requests which is well documented as having a significant impact on learning (Fullan, 1999; Gibbs, 2003; Farmer, 2007; Haycock, 2007; Morris, 2007; Todd, The dynamics of classroom teacher and teacher librarian instructional collaborations, 2008). This is why early implementation of evidence-based practice by TLs is so vital.

What is evidence-based practice? According to Todd (2003) and Lamb & Johnson, (2013) evidence-based practice is…

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