The Conditions of Lifelong Learning

Designer Librarian

In 1965, Robert Gagne famously wrote The Conditions of Learning (at least famously in the world of instructional design).

Among those conditions were nine events of instruction, which I have written about before in regards to information literacy instruction. Those instructional events are important in order for learning to take place, and I think could be equally applicable to lifelong learning.

What is lifelong learning? That’s a good question because there are many definitions of it. To me, lifelong learning is the ability and desire to learn continuously throughout the lifespan, whether formally or informally.

You would be hard-pressed to find a library that does not include lifelong learning in its mission statement. But how are libraries addressing lifelong learning? Passively or pedagogically?

Arguably, in order for a library to support lifelong learning, a pedagogical approach is necessary. In that respect, Gagne’s nine events of instruction could be applied to libraries for…

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