Maker-Bot 3D printer!

Teaching in the Elementary Library

Wowsers!  Our school just received a 3D Maker-Bot printer!

Being that we are a STEM pilot school, we applied for (and received!) a grant for a 3D printer.  It will be housed in the art room, but I’m looking forward to helping drive and create projects that utilize this nifty piece of technology.  Two quick ideas: 1. design and build you own gemstone as part of the 3rd grade rocks and minerals unit in science (first seen here!), 2. create a piece used in bridge construction as part of the 2nd grade balance and motion unit in science.

There is a professional development meeting this morning on to use the printer.  I don’t know what will be covered, but I do know that I’ll be there!  I can’t wait to see where this leads!

Curious about other schools that are currently using a 3D printer?  Check out Van Meter Community School

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