10 Creative Uses for Tellagami

Designer Librarian

Tellagami is an iOS/Android app that lets you create a quick animated message called a Gami. You create an avatar, select a background (including your own pictures), and then record your own voice message or write a 450 character text message and select a voice style. It’s too much fun! I see a lot of potential for it as an ed tech tool.

Here are 10 creative ways to use Tellagami in the library:

  1. Upload pictures of your library to Tellagami and use them as backgrounds to animate a virtual tour that you can add to your web site.

  2. Animate book reviews that you can share through your library’s social media sites.

  3. Use a Gami in place of a text description to introduce a Libguide. In order to embed a Gami in your Libguide, you will need to screencast it first and then upload it to YouTube (Screencast O-Matic

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