Top Ten Tuesday

Teaching in the Elementary Library

I recently stumbled across The Broke and The Bookish blog’s Top Ten Tuesday.  While I’m already committed to Read-Aloud Tuesday, I figure I can chime in every once in awhile.  Today’s topic:

Top Ten Books That Will Make You Cry

These are the first 10 books I thought of that caused either tears from laughter or tears from sadness.  Read at your own risk 🙂

Charlotte’s Web: While reading this story to J&H, I had tears running down my cheeks during The Scene (you know which one).  The best Newbery Honor title ever.   (share with ages 4+)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Two words: Dumbledore’s death. (share with ages 9+)

King of the Mild Frontier: Tears of laughter and sadness in the all-time greatest YA autobiography. (share with ages 14+)

Mick Harte Was Here: It’s no surprise that Mick Harte died.  What is surprising is…

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