The Many Hats of The School Librarian.

If bookworms ruled the world....

ImageAll Kinds of Hats, Beverly Goodwin,, CC BY 2.0

Kristin is fond of saying, “If you decided to become a librarian because you want to be paid to sit around and read all day than think again” because the truth of the matter is, that is the last thing a librarian (or at least a school librarian) has time for.  Throughout the years, and the ever dwindling budget, more and more responsibility has been laid at the feet of the media specialists.  Even still, many have the misconception that all a school librarian does is check out books to kids all day, a process that is often farmed out to parent helpers or even the students themselves. 

The readings this week highlighted quite a number of responsibilities a school librarian might have.  They include being:

  • a Change Agent
  • a Leader
  • an advocate
  • an instructional partner or collaborator
  • an information specialist

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