Student Research Preferences and Online Resources

ESCU Music Library Blog

When I started the fall semester, I had the music students take a short survey on their research and writing habits. I did this for two reasons: 1. I wanted to see how they approached research and resources and 2. I wanted to see what their preferences were as far as online vs. in-person. I was not surprised at all by the survey results.

70% of the students said they prefer online resources, 22% prefer a mixture of online and in-person and only 8% said they prefer just  in-person. So essentially, almost 92% wanted access to online resources! Of course, when they listed which resources they use, Google search was at the top at a whopping 80%. Here are the other resources that students preferred (multiple choices allowed):

Google   80%
Internet/ online   15%
Books  10%
Library  10%
Wikipedia  10%
E.C. Public Library  8%  5%
Google Scholar  5%
Class notes …

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