Reimagining Your School Library: Step 1- The Space

If bookworms ruled the world....


Purple Library, abrinksy,, CC BY-NC-SA 2.

Dusty, dreary, and dull were easily the three D’s that encompassed my high school experience in my library.  And my high school was brand spanking new when I started.  The walls were still beige, with a horrific striped pattern that allowed us to all “lovingly” rename the school jailhouse, and the carpet was grey.  The desks were heavy and the chairs were hard.  There was no collaboration space available and the only spot that could house an entire class was sitting at the desktop workstations in perfect little rows.   However, there was one saving grace.  There was a beautiful alcove; floor to ceiling windows, two overstuffed lounge chairs, a miniature table, and a small desk lamp invited me to sit and enjoy my book during my free time at lunch.  I LOVED that alcove.  Sadly the windows overlooked the entrance to the…

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