Library lessons: Jan 13-17, 2014

Teaching in the Elementary Library

Kindergarten:  Author study – Ezra Jack Keats, week 2.  Story – Hi, Cat!  Goals: recall questions, author/illustrator, TAG sentence stem, Rhyme Time.

A quick review of last week’s story and characters, and we were off!

Questions with Hi, Cat!

  • Willie and the cat are on this page with no words.  What do you think will happen?  Why do you think this – what do you know about dogs and cats?  (making inferences)
  • Where do you think the cat lives?

We continue to use TAG-inspired sentence stems to promote deeper thinking of our stories.  This week, they worked with “I like when __________”, and gave some amazing answers: “I like when the cat licked the ice cream off Archie’s face.”, “I like when Willie chased the cat.” “I like when Willie was on Peter’s head.”

2nd grade: A booktalk/shelf-talk as each class entered the library (a different series…

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