Inquiring About Inquiry Learning

If bookworms ruled the world....

ImageThe Art of Inquiry, Candace Nast,, CC BY 2.0

Inquiry based learning.  That was basically the modus operandi throughout the articles this week.  I LOVE the idea of inquiry based learning.  It was all that was preached to me and my fellow classmates all through my undergrad in education.  The learning should be student based.  They should be questioning.  It is important to have higher level thinking tasks for students because that is when they learn.  These were all mantras that were drilled into us class after class, semester after semester.  Imagine my immense shock to learn that in the classroom…there is no time, no resources, and no data (the all holy for administrators these days) for it.  Therefore it is rarely done.

Inquiry based learning is the process of having students question the world around them and through guidance from their teachers, take their questions and learn from…

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