Elementary Library Lessons: Dec 2-6

Teaching in the Elementary Library


New author / illustrator study: Peter Brown!  I chose Children Make Terrible Pets as our first book.  As there are 3 weeks until Winter Break, this may be a very short study.  Goals: review jobs of author/illustrator, review spine label, review nonfiction 500’s and 600’s, introduce citation of titles read during class.  Oh, and Rhyme Time. 🙂children-make-terrible-pets

Even though I have a Smartboard at my disposal, I love using my whiteboard each week.  It allows me to quickly write down my goals before the class arrives (because while I plan my lessons, I don’t prepare Smartbook docs in advance.  I know, I know…terrible tech use!).  One of the K information literacy goals in our district is to begin citing sources.  The easiest way to do this is to model writing down the titles read each week.  As this week marks the start of the 2nd trimester (and a new author study), it seemed…

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