Class 4: Am I Information Literate?


One of the points made in last week’s class was that many of us (iSchool students) assume that we are information literate. I certainly do not. First, there is the issue of what being information literate even means (which we did our best to pin down in class). Then there is the question of how we can measure this concept.

Perhaps, a lot of the problem comes back to the problem of defining this kind of literacy. Sometimes, I think, people end up focusing on information literacy as dealing solely with digital materials and technology. Yet “information” is broader than that, as is the idea of transliteracy. In my anonymous class response to the question, “What is information literacy,” I mentioned the ability to “read” visualizations as part of the package. There is also, of course, still print. As I discussed in my previous blog post about the articles I…

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