Can Mobile Devices be Optimized for Education?


Many teachers associate mobile phones with kids texting in class, losing focus, an overall distraction.  But do they have a place in education?  A positive, progressive place?  Studies have shown that students and teachers prefer the devices be used to learn from—the problem is how they fit into the learning environment.  But Before we jump to how they’ll be utilized, there are a few issues to be addressed.  One being internet censoring/network security and the other being distribution.

The most sensible way to integrate mobile devices in education would be using them as tracking devices for student progress.  A real-time data tracker that would relay the information to teachers or online curriculum sites that would cater to the student’s needs.  Other uses might include apps that allow students to manipulate course material (i.e. altering mathematical patterns, graphs, highlighting/taking notes on reading material).

In North Carolina, Onslow County School District distributed…

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