#byod4l day 3: Curating – so much stuff but how to find and use it?


I’m dipping back into #byod4l today. I didn’t manage to do anything really yesterday in the communication day. Kind of ironic as I thought it might be an area where I would be active. However, other non #byod4l communication such as email, twitter, blogging and that “work thang” kind of took priority.

I’ve just watched the two video scenarios and I relate to both of them.  Like the student I do worry about where and how to save and share “stuff”.  Over the years I’ve tried many different services and some listed in the curation resources area. Even now I’m still smarting from the delicious debacle, I flirted with diigo but it didn’t quite do it for me, I’ve tried pearltrees which I like, but my pearls are getting too big now so favourited tweets and a kind of weekly blog post also have their place in my…

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