22 – Bibliography & Evaluation of Sources

A study of Synchronicity

After having completed my product, I put together a bibliography which consists of all of the sources that I used to draw information from, whether these be online, in print, or actual people. This bibliography does not only contain my main sources, but displays all of them.

Click here to view the bibliography

Evaluation of main sources:

When I was creating my product, there were a couple of main sources that I used to gain most of my information from. These sources were as follows:

1. Jung, C. G. Synchronicity; an Acausal Connecting Principle. London: Routledge, 2006. Print.

2. Mansfield, Victor. “Chapter Three: Synchronicity; Acausal Connection through Meaning.” Synchronicity, Science, and Soul-making: Understanding Jungian Synchronicity through Physics, Buddhism, and Philosophy. Chicago: Open Court, 1995. N. pag. Print.

3. Beaumont, Jacques. “Interview with Jungian Analyst Jacques Beaumont.” Personal interview. 23 Oct. 2013.

Source Evaluation of the Book “Synchronicity; an Acausal Connecting…

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